Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Im"paw"tant Winter Protection For Your Dog's Feet

With winter comes snow, and with snow comes road salt.  Though the salt is great for melting snow quickly, it's also painful for your pup to walk on!

Road salt does to doggy paws what table salt does to causes dehydration!  Walking on it can be incredibly painful, causing your dog to limp or even stop walking altogether.  Rather than avoiding post-snow walks, why not invest in a pair of dog boots that will keep paws warm, dry, and salt-free?
This is what my dog's boots look like!

Check out the cute little boots to the left, which come in all different sizes and colors, depending on where you get them. Best of all,

1. They're easy to put on and take off

2. They have a nice suede bottom, a Velcro closure, 
reflective strip, and a comfy sock-like top

3. They protect paws from salt and the elements

4. And they make your dog look super cute!

I recommend the adjustable kind of boot show above over the rubber balloon-like ones, which look like this:


These rubber ones have a very small opening and close tightly around the dog's foot, meaning that although it won't fall off, it also hurts to wear.  These ones will also get stuck on fur, so if your dog doesn't really like having its feet touched, they will be unlikely to let you take these off without a fuss.

So, back to the awesome adjustable boots! To get them on, it's helpful to have two people if your dog gets antsy.  One person can steady the dog's weight, and the other can slip the boots on. As an alternative, having them lay down will usually be better than standing so they don't fall while lifting their paw for you. You can also coax them with treats!

It's a good idea to let your dog get used to the boots before making them wear them for a long time.  The front ones are easier to get on, so try putting those on and let your dog run around the house or play.  As they get used to them, add the other two and work toward going outside.

Make sure the Velcro on the boots are closed tight, and if they fall off just put them back on after wiping off your dog's paw.  You can also use a warm, wet towel soaked in a little mild shampoo to clean your dog's paws and keep them hydrated in case any salt does accidentally get on them. Just be sure to rinse with water afterward.

Here's a video to show you how funny dogs can act when wearing their boots for the first time!

To purchase boots for your dog, check out Amazon, Petco, or your local pet supply store!

Check out my other post on the importance of winter coats for older dogs!


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