Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Two-Sided Job Interview: Expanding the Job Seeker's Role in the Hiring Process

In light of the not-so-great job market, today's post is all about how important it is to ask questions at a job interview. It's not enough to come prepared with just your answers to the typical questions like, "What are your strengths?" Interviewers want to know you've done your research, and they expect you ask questions about the company and/or the specific position you are interviewing for.

Getting the answers you need also allows you to figure out the answer to this question: "Is this the right company for me?"

To make this subject a little more exciting, I decided to try out the narration feature on PowerPoint and make my presentation into a video. It's done in somewhat of an infographic style. Enjoy!

*If you can't view this video for any reason, you can check it out on Slideshare.

What kinds of questions do you ask when you go on job interviews? Share them by commenting below!

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