Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can't Fall Asleep? Watch This Show

If you've ever searched online for ways to help you fall asleep, you probably came up with advice like this:
  1. Wake up and go to bed at the same time every night, including weekends
  2. Turn off your devices, including TV, to help melatonin production
  3. Establish a night-time routine to help you relax
  4. Don't eat too close to bedtime
  5. Exercise before bed, but not too much 
  6. Count sheep
  7. Count backward by three's from 300
And the list goes on. Now, there's nothing wrong with these methods, and I've done a few of them myself, but I've found a way to break Rule #2 that actually helps me get tired so I can fall asleep.

My just-before-bed show of choice?

Take a look at this clip about how they make baseballs. This is the voice you're looking for. 

Make sure you watch older episodes, because the voice is a huge part of why this show is so great to watch before bed. It is actually pleasant to listen to. 

You can watch clips of the show online, but I recommend using your DVR to record a few episodes in advance. The show usually airs on Discovery or the Science channel, so check your local listings. If you want, you can also view episodes on Netflix.

Once you've got your episodes, get comfy and get ready to relax while learning a little bit about the world around you. This show hasn't failed me yet!

What methods do you use to help you fall asleep? Share them by commenting below!

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